Secrets Casinos Never Want to Divulge to You

Casinos are the hotbeds of entertainment, but it is a business – a lucrative one at the end of the day. Therefore, while making sure that gamblers are entranced in the amusement, raking it in spearheads this hierarchical catalogue.

However, don’t be disheartened; there are multifarious ways to slash your losses against the house. So, read on to unfurl how you can master the art of double-crossing the casinos.

Not All Games Are Made Equal

The house edge is not a myth but a reality in the casino floor, which has all the power to transcend you into the millionaire you always fancied. While we know that the house always has a better edge, it is also equally important to do your extensive research and know that there are certain games with a reduced house edge.

Slots always appear alluring with a lot of guaranteed fun to satiate your gambling fix, but they have a lofty house edge of ten percent. At the same time, games like blackjack, slot thai, poker, craps always relish a better position with a house edge of three percent, and prime one among them is video poker with a house edge as low as 0.46 percent.

For Croupiers to Err is Human

Just like the gamblers, the dealers are also human, and the flesh in us commits mistakes. Bill Zender used to earn a living as a casino floor manager, and during his tenure, he gathered manifold pearls of wisdom for winning. He jotted down his analysis across 16 casinos and unravelled 35 slipshod croupiers.

The simple act of observing the croupiers dish out cards can educate you. There are only 100 seasoned croupiers, and the remaining are sloppy, flashing the face-down card by mistake. Zender made his living by indulging in card-holding, which furnished him a 6-9 percent edge over the house.

Card Counting is not illegal.

Card Counting

The chronicle about the MIT blackjack card counting team that made a colossal amount by counting cards in the 80s and 90s provided them a celebrated status. But ultimately, they got busted. While card counting will not confer you your fancy of a cool gang of friends, this method is not illegal as long as you know the nuances of mental calculation.

Once you start involving external devices, it will diverge altogether into another ugly tangent you would not want. So, if you have a sharp mind that is pretty good at maths, paired with concentration, brainpower, and nerves made of steel, then enjoy the edge you have over the house.

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